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Tortoise Shellz Upper Back Therapy Vest

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Treats muscle spasms, neck pain, and upper back pain naturally, safely and effectively!

Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest

The Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest can help you heal and reduce the pain caused by a back injury, whiplash, overused back muscles, a neck or spine injury or a chronic back condition. Stimulate blood flow to soothe your pain and treat damaged tissue with the Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest for the ultimate therapeutic experience!

The Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest is an incredible product that relaxes the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your back and neck while reducing pain naturally. Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy reduces, or even eliminates, the need for potentially harmful medication while it heals your damaged tissue and comes highly recommended by physicians, therapists and sports professionals worldwide.

Incredible healing power and comfort all in one wrap.

TortoiseShellz Upper Back Therapy Vest treats back and neck pain. The flexible Energy Web inside makes the treatment comfortable for your back and the adjustable straps allow you to add pressure so it feels better during the treatment.

The unique Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest is designed with every detail in mind to give you premium neck and upper back coverage for the most effective and most enjoyable therapeutic experience available anywhere. Here’s why!

The Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest:

  • is made of soft, light-weight, flexible neoprene to conform comfortably around your body.
  • has a flexible, patented Energy Web® inside that conforms with the wrap so it fits like a comfortable t-shirt.
  • adjusts around your body for a proper fit.
  • is conveniently portable for use at home, the office or anywhere there is an outlet.

The MendMeShop Advantage

Tortoise Shellz® are only available at MendMeShop and there is NOTHING on the market like this to soothe your back or neck pain and to help you heal, we guarantee it! As a MendMeShop customer you can be confident in your purchase because we offer:

  • trained MendMeShop Customer Advisors available 7 days a week for one-on-one treatment advice - just call toll free within Continental US at 1-888-995-3505 (+1-705-445-1765 internationally).
  • a 60 day iron clad guarantee - if you do not get results, send it back for a full product refund - with no re-stocking fees.
  • an automatic 1 year replacement warranty against defects with the option to upgrade for 5 full years of coverage.
  • a payment plan with no credit approval necessary to get you your Tortoise Shellz® faster.
  • patented Energy Web® technology that is only available at MendMeShop.

Why you will love your Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest

People everywhere are choosing the Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest for home therapy because:

  • it heals your injured tissue, safely and naturally, without medication.
  • it heals small tears from daily use to reduce the risk of chronic back and neck conditions.
  • it soothes pain and whisks away toxins.
  • it reduces the pain of chronic conditions.
  • it warm tendons, ligaments and muscles before exercise to reduce the risk of injury.
  • it repairs minor tissue damage when used after activity.
  • it saves time and money associated with doctor or physical therapist visits.

What Does it Treat?

The Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest treats pain caused by:

  • upper back muscle strain, spasm and cramps
  • tight muscles in the upper back and neck
  • herniated disk pain and inflammation
  • whiplash
  • Cervical Posture Syndrome (Kyphosis)
  • Scoliosis
  • post-operative recovery
  • other soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions


Band length: 50" around the waist
Shoulder straps: 19" long to go over shoulder and attach at the waist band
Energy Web coverage: 12" W x 14" H (at the neck)

Purchase a Tortoise Shellz® Upper Back Therapy Vest now and start healing!

Find out more about the Tortoise Shellz® and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy by calling our Product Specialists toll free within Continental North America at 1-888-995-3505, +1-705-445-1765 internationally, or email

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